ENC is a networking and consulting organization for senior level executive advisors and consultants.

Executive Networking Consultants (ENC) fosters a culture where members actively help other members by “paying it forward” – sharing their knowledge, experience and success.

Founded in 2012, we:

  • Provide an environment of professional and personal relationships
  • Promote the sharing of information and contacts of value to members
  • Offer regular consulting services on a variety of business subjects

About Us

ENC is uniquely positioned to offer value through the facilitation of ongoing member interaction


The ENC Difference

ENC is uniquely positioned to offer value through the facilitation of ongoing member interaction.

ENC membership consists of senior level advisors from all industries and functions, with verified backgrounds. Members must have consulted large organizations with broad scope and budgetary responsibility. Membership is offering educational and networking opportunities for members regardless of employment status, through meetings, social events and special interest groups.


Senior Advisors & Consultants

Our advisors and consultants are independent professionals that work with ENC to provide a unique global perspective, strong regional knowledge and access to a wealth of relationships that enhance our ability to serve our clients and capture opportunities around the world. While not employees, personnel, partners or otherwise affiliates of ENC, these professionals have a strong and strategic professional connection with ENC and, in certain instances, work exclusively with ENC.

Our network is comprised of highly respected individuals who possess a wealth of experience in both the private and public sectors.

Our Services

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Tactical Opportunities

Investors recognize the benefits of investing but many lack the ability to source and respond quickly to complex opportunities in a rapidly changing world – the business and political environment develop faster than ever. ENC seeks to solve this problem for our clients. Tactical Opportunities employs an opportunistic, multi-faceted consulting strategy focused on special security situations. The strategy aims to deliver attractive and differentiated risk-adjusted returns for our investors

Sourcing, executing and capitalizing on the right investment opportunities on a timely basis takes a special combination of people and expertise. We believe that few other alternative managers, if any, possess the experience and breadth of the ENC consulting platform. Tactical Opportunities harnesses this significant competitive advantage by leveraging the deep synergies that exist across ENC’s leading advisors to source, execute and capitalize on business opportunities that others cannot.

Our flexible mandate enables us to dynamically adjust our strategy in the face of changing security conditions. Our activity set ranges from seeking high IRR, short duration investments to long duration, compounding investments targeting high multiples of invested capital. Many of our investments have high current yields while others offer substantial capital gain potential. We focus on deep value opportunities with embedded complexity that are difficult to source, analyze, or execute.

Ultimately, Tactical Opportunities’ flexibility yields an investment approach designed to adjust to a constantly changing market and aimed at investing in attractive opportunities that deliver returns for our investors that thereby helps them meet their obligations to pensioners and other beneficiaries.


Networking Tools

Working with the critical truth that none of us is as smart as all of us, we have designed networking tools to co-create cutting-edge thinking, tools and new frameworks. Each tool brings together more than fifteen multi-disciplinary company teams, team facilitators (i.e., seasoned practitioners), academics and senior advisors to work together over a short, concentrated period of time in an interactive, intensive immersion focused on advancing the state of the art. The result is a rich and expansive exploration, examination and recommendation of differentiating and diverse solutions respectful of unique contexts, experiences and perspectives.

Examples of potential outcomes:

New Partnerships: Build and nurture a life-long network of go-to resources. The tool provides participants with the opportunity to engage with a broad cross-section of peers who come from multiple disciplines and can provide a different perspective on the design of a new system or process.

Frameworks: Talent and learning frameworks and models for the dynamics of a 2025 workforce.

New Processes: A set of organizational operating models, systems and processes that tend to reinforce and promote sustainable learning.

Professional Development: Company team members will receive a rich professional development experience focused on enhancing their talent, management leadership capabilities.

Job Opportunity

Security Consultant


About the role

The functional role of the security consultant is to provide corporate security consulting services, develop and enhance policy architecture and processes, assess business security risks, recommend security controls that enable the business to be in control of risks, promote security awareness and strengthen relationships with business units by creating value for business stake holders. This is a senior role and requires a wide range of skills and experience in developing and managing security solutions.


About ENC

ENC is the SIC’s leading provider of business process management and integrated professional support service solutions, with staff across Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states.

We provide first-class customer services for other organisations and companies by phone, email, web and more. Our contact centres are home to senior advisors, executive consultants and back office processing staff.


What you will do:

Recommend and implement business security strategies, architectures and infrastructures that align with the business strategies of the client

Recommend business security policies and standards

Develop and implement business security awareness programs

Develop business security management processes and methodologies

Provide security subject matter expertise on projects undertaken by our customers

Provide security governance leadership and advice

Act as a advisor on all security policy, security strategy and risk management issues

Takes on the role of security manager and is responsible for ensuring that the business is in control of security risks, complies with contractual security requirements and follows security best practice.

Manage all work assignments on a project basis, covering the project full life cycle starting with initial client contact and agreeing a terms of reference through project delivery and implementation.


Your experience will include:

Defines, agrees, and documents terms of reference (TOR) for the project assignment, accurately reflecting the client’s requirements.

Takes the lead in defining and influencing the appropriate level of security to be implemented, based on business requirements and security best practice using a risk management driven approach working with the management in CCM and the client organisation.

Ensures that the project deliverables are high quality, delivered on time, within budget, and according to assignment TOR

Ensures that any additional work out of scope, requested by the client, is properly managed, detailed and agreed.

Contributes subject matter expertise ensure that relevant security risks are identified and addressed in the proposed solution.

Researches and maintains up to date knowledge within the security policy fields to provide high quality consultancy on bids.

Assists in the due diligence process of identifying security issues, which may exist within client organisations and need to be addressed and managed.

ENC operates as an equal opportunities employer and we welcome all applications regardless of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, religion or beliefs, disability, age, political opinions or party membership.

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